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Asia Durian Investment Scheme

Why You Should Invest With Us?

Cumulative Dividend Interim Yield 15%

Investors will enjoy a 3% investment return from year 1 to year 5

60% Revenue Share

From year 6 to 15, we give 60% out of our net profit to our investors

Up to 28% Average Return

Lucrative investment which is up to 28% average return

550% Projected Return on Investment (ROI)

We offer high projected return on investment (ROI) 

Capital Buy Back Option

Our investment plan included capital buy back clause

Licensed Investment


Secure Agriculture Investment

We have one backup durian tree for each durian tree we plant

Option to renew

Investor has the option to renew their investment plant up to year 20

Farm near Kuala Lumpur

Our farm located 20 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur

About Us

Lennex Technologies Sdn Bhd is a company that has experiences in managing agriculture and animal husbandry sectors. The company was established on the 18th April 2013 and has a strong financial background by caliber shareholders in both sectors. Lennex Technologies will also bring you an investment opportunity like no others, a fund dependent on the cultivation and the sales of the highest quality of local Durians for both the local and international markets. 


  • To plant 2000 acre of Musang King and Black Thorn Durians in 10 years
  • To produce high qualities of Musang King and Black Thorn Durians, and also create more high-end products
  • To develop research and development of durian plantations in Malaysia


  • Be a steady supplier that provide high qualities of Musang King and Black Thorn Durians that meet the demands of the market
  • To satisfy the needs of customers

Board Of Directors

Dato Kim Chee

Dato Kim Chee has more than 25 years  extensive stretches of various working experience, mainly in Entrepreneurship, Strategic Asia Pacific Lubricant Business Units for Conoco Brand. Thus, Dato Kim Chee was gotten together with Prime Utilities Berhad as a Corporate Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Advisor for its connected associations, for instance, Fountain View Bhd, a Public.Listed Company in Malaysia with its middle business in Property Development, Construction and Oil Palm Plantation. By and by, Dato Kim Chee is managing estates, pet food associations, nursing care associations, auto, and cautioning and gathering works to industry players, which range from Small and Medium Industries (SMI) Company to Multinational Companies (MNC).

Since his young life, he had gathered some valuable information on conventional and current developing system from my father who is the first drawn in with oil palm domains laid out in business scale during the “Rancangan Buku Hijau” under Tun Razak, and let Malaysians to contribute their energy where their mounts are. At this point, he is working on present day developing, cautioning and counsel work for the agro base associations range from Small and Medium Planters till Multinational Corporation (MNC). He truly do rehearse on verdant food sources improvement, regular developing systems in Selangor, Pahang, Kelantan and Johor in completing practically 30 years of contribution on current developing and business developing procedures which he learned since his life as a youngster day. It is a critical honor to keep current developing proceeding and people should see that developing is a pragmatic calling to all ages, even started with a singular tree. Finding durians changed him, and he felt naturally sure that he should be a state of the art farmer. I can be old steadily, yet I will not at any point halted from developing ‘ says Dato Kim Chee ‘ 

Haji Lokman

Haji Lokman has 10 years of experience as a durian master grower of an 18-acre durian plantation. He previously developed an experimental 4-acre plot of land with a focus on the development of the durian plantation management, research on issues relating to the management of the plantation, research on diseases and pest control. Furthermore, Haji Lokman had developed the SOP for the plantation of durian fruit  i.e., financial planning in durian project development, concepts and methods involved in the preparation of durian plantation lands, the preparation of basic necessities required for durian plantations, methods and systems involved in managing irrigation systems.

Moreover, Haji Lokman is experienced in managing durian nurseries and the development of the SOPs relevant for the same. He also acted as consultant to several companies and individual business owners where he advised on, among others, the operation and management of 400 acres of land under Perbadanan Kemajuan Pertanian Pahang (PKPP), Syarikat Sawit Merah (100 acres), Syarikat A Gemilang Kota Tinggi (500 ekar) and Hali Durian Orchid (40 acres).

Lastly, he has organized and served as a panel member in several lecture courses on, among others, the investment and development of durian plantations, the processing of frozen durian and durian marketing.

Mohamad Shafiq Shaheen

He signed up for Sunway University to finish his A-levels prior to seeking after his Bachelor’s Degree in the United Kingdom where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with Marketing in University of Hertfordshire United Kingdom. His advantage and commitment to the development business brought him new jobs like deals leader of private units (wherein he was the top sales rep) as well as the essential deal and acquisition of development material. Mohamad Shafiq Azim then, at that point, wandered into the Security business. Frameworks, for example, guns the executive’s framework, watch observing framework for protecting administrations and money the board framework for cash on the way benefits were acquainted with screen and work day to day exercises. These frameworks were attempted and tried and we present by Lennex Technologies Sdn Bhd.
Started from 2017, He wandered into plantation and started to land clearing in his piece of land in Hulu Langat at the same time he managed to complete 12000 polybags and he is concentrating on short term crops he also menage to produce more than 50 matrix tans of chili, cucumber, lady finger, brinjal, bitter gourd at the meantime during 2018, he started of durian RnD and also started planting durian, seedling and etc. After years the RnD begins, started of planting varies kind of durians in the meantime he also learns from the master grower Haji Lokman during his visit to Pahang.
He obtained the RM20000 grant from agroprenuer Muda, from the Ministry of Agriculture Malaysia. He currently focuses on the durian investment. Since his young life, He had gleaned some of us. Right now, He is dealing with present day cultivating, warning and interview work for the agro base organizations range from Small and Medium Planters till Multinational Corporation (MNC). Finding durians transformed him, and he felt instinctively certain that he needs to be a cutting-edge rancher. He is motivated to grow in this industry which why less people involved in, he also involves in various CSR work in hulu langat especially during flood

Mohlis Mohd

In the earlier stage of his career, he was an Assistant Marketing Officer at the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA) 2001 to 2006 specially for temperature crops and vegetables.

Mohlis Mohd was an Argo Service Officer at Malaysian Agrifood Berhad from 2006- 2010 handling local contract farmers including demand and supply projects for the year for highlands and low land crops including planting programme. He was also a Growing Planner at Malaysian Agrifood Berhad 2010-2015 planning demand and supply matching programmes to ensure consistentcy of supply and high sales. He was also involved in planting programmes, farm pest control, workers planning, crops planting programme, farm input program which includes nutrient and chemical control. He also trained with foreign farm master growers in the latest planting methods from 2015-2020, Mohlis Mohd was promoted to the position Packaging Processing Manager at Malaysian Agrifood Berhad where he handles the packaging and processing of highland and lowland crops for local supermarkets and for export purposes. He also coordinates the food safety working programme provided by SIRIM and also ensures the compliance to international food safety standards which are evaluated via the Burger King yearly audit programme.

Mohlis Mohd also oversees the packaging machines which include the latest version of robotic colour selection machine for fruit selection. He was also involved in the delivery transport programme which includes the transportation of items from farm to process center and also from processing center to the customer. Currently, he is a consultant on fertigation farm systems to coordinate the installation of fertigation farm systems and to also provide planting methods based on current farm SOP’s

Our Team

Dato Anwar





Our Services

Durian farms

Kampung Sungai Ruan at Raub, Pahang & Kampung Dusun Tua at Hulu Langat, Selangor

Fertigation system

Chilies, Eggplants & Cucumbers

Range of products

Chili Pickles, Durian Seedlings, Durian Organic Fertilisers.


General Storage & Cold Room Storage


Durians, Chilies, Eggplants & Cucumbers trading

Consultation Services

Consultation services on durian & fertigation systems

Frequently Asked Questions

Lennex Technologies Sdn Bhd is a company that have a management experienced in the agricultural sector and animal husbandry. Lennex Technologies Sdn Bhd was established on 18 April 2013 and has a strong financial background by the caliber shareholder in the sector agriculture and animal husbandry.Lennex Technologies Sdn Bhd bring to you an investment opportunity like no other, a fund dependant on the cultivation and sale of the highest quality local Durians for both the local and international market.

Lennex specializes in Malaysia’s Musang King Durian variety which is also known as Mao Shan Wang or D197. Musang King is the most sought after and expensive Durian variety due to its appealing texture and flavour. Its flesh has a thick and creamy texture combined with a sweet flavour with a hint of bitterness. Due to limited availability and strong demand, prices globally for Musang King have risen dramatically over recent years. For example, prices in Malaysia have risen over 200% since 2014.  The price of Musang King Durian in China is significantly higher than elsewhere due to high demand and limited supply, going for up to 800% more than in Malaysia.

Black Thorn Durian is a hybrid durian so it is created for a new variation of taste and marketing too. Black Thorn Durian is also known as D200 Originated from Penang, Black Thorn durians have become the most sought after durian after taking the title. Black Thorn is only available in the middle of the year and there are limited places that sell this variety of durian. Due to its popularity, the price of Black Thorn can fetched over RM 40/kg in 2017 and during the shortage of durians, they fetched over RM 100/kg and now it is ranging RM 80/kg and above.

Yes, it is save to invest in durian.

The demand for frozen and fresh durians, especially Musang King from China, is increasing annually. With Hernan Corporation as Malaysia’s most prominent and leading exporter of Malaysian durians, the overall export volume of Malaysia’s durian has expanded by 143% within the five years between 2012 and 2017. The price of the durians has increased by 530% within the same period. The general cultivated area devoted to the durian plantation in Malaysia has also doubled multiple times. In May 2011, Malaysia had successfully obtained permission from the General Administration of Customs China to export frozen durian to the China market. Many farmers and plantation owners, including foreign investors from China, are eager to grab this golden opportunity when this good news is first released. Hence, plans to increase the production volume further to meet the growing China market demand is made.

Prices for the Black Thorn variety are expected to exceed RM100 a kg while Musang King will be priced around RM60 to RM80 a kg, depending on grade, compared to RM30 to RM40 a kg previously.

The price increase was a result of a 50% drop in durian production due to weather conditions.

  • Goverment Agency
  • local F&B companies that produce their own durian based products
  • Supermarkets & Restaurants
  • Specialized stores
  • Durian traders and importers
  1. Open PitchIn website and choose Equity Crowfunding
  2. In the equity crowdfunding page, choose Lennex
  3. Sign up PitchIN and start investing
  4. congratulation, you are now an investor
  • 15% Guarantee Interim Yield
  • 60% Revenue Share
  • Up to 28% Average Return
  • 550% Projected Return on Investment
  • Guaranteed capital Buy Back
  • Licensed Investment
  • Secure Agriculture Investment
  • Option to renew
  • Farm near Kuala Lumpur

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